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 The reality of criticism... people usually wait until problems are relatively evident before they say anything.  So, you’re hearing one too many discouraging comments about your
multi-business behavior.  And because you resent these words, you ignore it rather than draw from it?  Even if you're feeling persecuted by comments, you might want to take a closer look.  Consider that within every criticism is at least a smidgen of truth.    

I’ve found that defensiveness can stand in the way of receiving the value of the cold, hard truth.  When tension and hurt feelings are brewing, your gut may be  telling you a friendship is hanging in the balance. 

Most of us neither enjoys nor invites scrutiny, but if you think I might be on to something, ask a business partner, friend or family member to grade your score card with a simple
pass or fail
     1.  Successfully manages the duties and responsibilities of all entrepreneurial endeavors. 
pass or fail

     2.  Calculates rather than speculates the profitability of pursuits.  pass or fail

     3.  Devotes a fair share of abilities and resources to each business.  pass or fail

     4.  Manages work-load in a visual rather than virtual manner.  pass or fail

Lisbeth Anne Marín is a Motivational Speaker, Author & Professional Development Consultant specializing in interpersonal, team building and organizational development skills.   
She presents a wide array of training programs, motivational seminars and interactive workshops. 

By Lisbeth Anne Marín
If you have your hands in more than one business endeavor, you are in really good company! Many women excel at multitasking their own business, a job for supplemental income, home, marriage or motherhood … not necessarily in order of importance.  But, even an aspiring wonder woman could have unrealistic expectations and be spreading herself too thin ….with the people around you getting a bird’s eye view of the mayhem.  Worst case scenario;  you’ve started blurring the lines between activities, missing deadlines, forgetting meetings and waiting till the last minute to accomplish tasks.  These failures might be tolerated by your spouse or kids but not by a business partner or colleague who keeps getting the short end of your stick?  Now before you go and get defensive, just hear me out.  

When I was just a kid I remember hearing my Dad ask a guest to ‘say when’ and I wondered, when what?  It was one of those weird grown-up sayings that didn’t make much sense to me.  Another time I recall overhearing a neighbor talking about having her very-close veins removed and since I could actually see the bulging blue veins in her legs… very-close sounded about right.  Sometimes what we hear and what makes sense, results in an error.  See, when we don’t understand things, we draw our own distorted conclusions. 

You might think you are doing a great job of juggling all your responsibilities but honestly…but could it be you’re conducting your business on their time.  It starts with little things like answering phone calls, texts or emails from one business while on the clock for the other.  I’ve made my living in several industries at once for decades and it takes a healthy dose of discipline and integrity to not blur the lines and I guarantee... a partner, business or otherwise, will get burned out when you’re not carrying your weight. 



When... To Say When!