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 Handformed & hammered in aluminum, jewelry-grade artwire.
Artwire jewelry is lightweight to wear,  uniquely one of a kind and affordable.   Finish is non-tarnish & stays shiny.

Dogwood Pendant or Necklace
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Dogwood pendants , Aluminum, before & after hammering!.  Photo depicts handcrafted variations in shape & size.

Dogwood Blossom pendant , Aluminum,  approximately 2.5-3" square.  Each blosson is individually handcrafted resulting in creative variations on the theme.  Sample is on 18",  2mm, braided black leather necklace with bail.

Please ​Contact me to make your selection from the inventory on-hand.

Dogwood Pendant Leather Choice

Top Row, L-R

Pink 1mm, Pearl White 1mm, Green 1mm, Burgundy 1mm

Middle Row, L-R

Purple 1mm, Natural 2mm, Teal 2mm, Grey 2mm

Bottom Row, L-R

Natural 1mm, Dark Green 2mm, Black 1mm

Dogwood Pendant

Top Dogwood pendant on 3 strands , 1 mm, black leather braided necklace.  Bottom Dogwood  pendant on 5 strands, 2mm black leather Celtic braided necklace.

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