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Self Employment  

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How to Establish & Operate a Home Based Business

For Your Business to Succeed... 
​You Must Calculate, not Speculate!

​I have enjoyed the freedom of being of self employed
in a home-based business for over 50 years! 
This award-winning training-program focuses on the many disciplines required to operate a successful home based business.

Topics Include

Creating A Business Identity - Branding

Creating Professional Documents - Invoice, Proposal, Estimates

Display & Merchandising

Legal Requirements

Marketing & Publicity


Sales Tax & Resale License

Successful Sales Prospecting

Pricing it Right or Losing your Shirt

​Purchasing Raw Materials

​Web-site Design & Domain

...along with tips and decades of empirical knowledge!

This course will turn your self-employment dreams, into reality! 

Printed handouts are provided for retention of the training concepts.

Training Workbooks, completed during the training becomes the framework 
to create the infrastructure of your business.