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Spring 2020 Class Schedule
Fayetteville Technical Community College

Once you have learned the basics of using a computer, you’re ready to explore the top 15 Internet activities everyone needs to know!  In this class, topics will include, Email, Sharing Files & Photos, Free TV, Reading Online Books, Banking, Shopping, Research, using the cloud and so much more. 
​This fun, hands-on and informative class will open up your abilities to confidently use the computer. 

Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm Mar 10-Apr 28 -$70- Room CEC 257. 
Pre-registration is required www.faytechcc.edu/continuing-education or

​910.678.8386 for registration information

Has learning new technology kept you using an old flip-phone? 
Is your tablet gathering dust on a table? 
Introducing a fun course to help you master the functions & features of an Apple-iPad, iPhone or Android Smartphone or tablet.  These incredible devices use intuitive gestures and universal symbols, that one learned, will help you enjoy technology!  Don’t miss this opportunity to move through the basics and get to the cool stuff.  Join in with the newest communication technology to save time, get organized and put the power of the internet at your fingertips! 
Students are encouraged to bring their devices to class. 

5:30-8:30pm Mar 04-Apr 22 -$70- Room CEC 257
Preregistration is required www.faytechcc.edu/continuing-education or 

​910.678.8386 for registration information

​ Institute For Career Development – ICD Learning Center
These Custom-Classes are exclusively for members of USW Local 959
Spring 2020

10 Reasons to Learn Windows 10
Does your household use Windows-10 on a PC, Laptop, Notebook or Tablet? Being able to operate your tech devices is essential for routine tasks, like shopping, banking, homework, appointments, Goodyear Portal and filing taxes. Add-in free movies & TV, education, research, news and home security and you’ve got Windows 10!
​Learn how to do it all from the comfort and security of your home.
Training notes provided!
Instructor Lisbeth Marin
7 weeks, 8:30am-noon, Tues & Thurs
March 24 - May 7, 2020

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