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 2019 Class Schedule
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Fayetteville Technical Community College

Computer Literacy for Absolute Beginners:
Are you ready to learn about all of the devices requiring a basic understanding of technology in everyday life!  Computers, tablets, smart-phones, cash machines, even the checkout at the grocery store. 
Topics include:
Email, The Internet, Cloud Storage, creating account profiles with passwords, basic keyboard skills, computer screen roadmap, icons and tiles.
Part-1 March 12 - April 3, 6 to 8 pm

Computer Literacy for Absolute Beginners:

Once you've learned the basics!

 Part-2 March 6 - April 24, 6 to 8 pm

Build Your Own Website:
March 4 - April 29, 6 to 9 pm

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification:
May 7 - July 23, 5:30 to 8:30 pm

 Institute For Career Development – ICD Learning Center

These Custom Classes are exclusively for members of USW Local 959

Creative Writing

A Brand-New Course to guide you through the process of unleashing the stories of your life!  Whether precious recollections, a web of intrigue, or articles for a newsletter... your words will have greater impact once you know the writers ‘formula’.  Taught by a published author and seasoned writer,
the fun and collaborative format will cultivate the ability to express yourself. 
​Microsoft Word will be used as the writing tool.
  *If you’ve taken a video editing course, you’re ready to write the ‘copy’ for your movie. 

Topics Include:
·      Format, Layout & Outline
·      Action, Idea, People & Process writing
·      Active & Passive Perspective
·      Antagonist & Protagonist
·      E-Book & Direct Publishing
March 19 – April 7, 1 to 4 pm

 Microsoft Sampler-Intermediate Highlights:
Word, Excel, OneNote & Edge
March 21 - April 9, 9 am to noon

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