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Large  18" generous size for fashion jewelry
​(shown with tissue in compartments)
Medium - 14" the perfect size for most pieces
Small - 10" diameter fits rings, earrings & pins.
The three sizes nest together to organize your
jewelry wardrobe in style.

Availability is limited... as most pieces are the result of a burst of creativity rather than a production run!

​You will receive the item pictured.

​​Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

Leather Bracelets

Leather Studded Bracelets - Hand-cut, glove leather with sueded back, bold look, but wears light and easy! Toggle clasp with crystal & charm drops. ...Soft as 'buttah'

Jewelry Pouch​

With 8 separate compartments inside and a large padded center cache.  Drawstring closes to keep your treasures secure.  Fabric choice is an eclectic mix of black & white prints for a classic look.

Metal Smith

Copper & Brass with Patina.  Cut, formed & hammered for texture.  similar themes...but no two are the same. 

Hand Formed

Aluminum & Copper  individually shaped and formed then  hammered for texture and strength.  They share a theme but each one is unique!

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

Dogwood Pendant or Necklace
Leather Necklace Length
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Polished Aluminum Necklace
Leather Necklace Length
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G-Clef Earring
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Tassel Y-Necklaces - Hand cut & rolled from butter-soft glove leather, finished with an elegant cap, some with chainmaille or stone or crystal accent beads on a Leather necklace.  Stylish and on trend!

Artwire Beaded Bracelet
Choose Metal, G-Clef Earring

​Dogwood Blossoms

​Individually hand formed aluminum wire, hammered and textured for dimension and polished to a high shine.  Each blossom is unique & no two are the same.  Lightweight and easy to wear. 

...Designs & Consulting

Lisbeth Anne

Artwire Beaded Collar

Art Wire Earrings

Hand formed, hammered  and adorned with beads, crystals and stones  ...copper, brass & aluminum.
​ Artwire jewelry is unique, affordable and one of a kind.


Tree Of Life

A statement piece made from gemstone chips, pearl, stones & shell on copper & aluminum artwire, hammered for strength. 
Each is a one of a kind creation! 
Suspended from a 2mm color-matched leather 16-18" necklace with a secure magnetic clasp.

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Leather Color
Metal Smithed Earrings

Beaded Collar

Beaded Collars - Light, bold and easy to wear with 100's of beads in each unique piece.  Looks great with jeans or a gown.  Colored copper artwire adds to the dimension of this unique piece. Stones, Beads, Crystal, Lucite, Gemstones, Pearls, Czech glass  &... Magnetic clasp!